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A Story of Loss and Love

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Beloved's Intentions

Pay all of the artists, cast and crew their full fees and material costs.

Supporting the local artistic economy and keep Portland's amazing cutting-edge art culture alive.

Open a dialogue and shed light on experiences we are all touched by but are rarely spoken of: deep grief, heartbreak, and the loss of well planned dreams from life's unexpected twists and turns. Beloved tells one woman's unique story of infant loss, infertility, betrayal and divorce, while still speaking to all of us, to our universal experience of humanness: of loving, of losing, of grieving, of hoping, of growing, of transforming. We intend to bring that which is wounded, scared and isolated in each of us out into the light so that we may fell less alone, more connected and deeply understood.

Allow the creative collaboration of local artists come to life.

Support for Beloved is support for lifelong dreams of art, performance, creativity, and self-expression of a small group of committed and passionate artists who believe in this project.

We appreciate your financial contribution.

Please spread the word via your social media accounts!

Social Media

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are how our project will grow in audience and reach the people who are most in need of its message. Please visit our social media sites below and share with your communities. Spread the word of Beloved, so we are all little less alone.