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A Story of Loss and Love

About Beloved

Beloved is a story about recovering from wounds that won’t heal.

This collaborative performance piece is based on a written narrative, co-created by Anastasia Gambill and Monica Welty. The narrative follows one female character, based on Welty's life, from childhood, through turbulent adolescence, into young love, and then the beginnings of a family. The story takes a sudden turn with the traumatic death of her son in childbirth, the subsequent loss of her fertility, and the discovery of her husband’s unmitigated infidelity.

Precisely because of its deeply personal nature, this story speaks to all of us.

“Beloved” envisions Welty’s monumental losses as an archetypal journey. The story of “Beloved” will be performed through movement, dance, narrative, and original musical composition. In addition, six visual artists will interpret and express "Beloved", both for the performance and also in individual shows. Film, collage, illustration, photography, and textile art, over the course of five exhibits from March-October 2016 at Yoga Refuge, will reveal the development and collaboration of the project. “Beloved” artists will create work that grapples with life’s darkest moments and it’s most genuine quest: reintegrating a self that has weathered loss, that is marked by it, and yet manages to hold space for love.